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Make sure your tree is safe and maintained for years to come

It's important to maintain your trees properly to ensure they grow straight, strong, and without risk to your property. Keep your trees healthy and neat with regular pruning services from Treescape.

While trees in the forest can afford to grow at angles and live for centuries without interference, the trees on your property must grow a certain way to ensure that they do not lay on your roof. Avoid having extra costs later for replacing your roof.

Pruning services

Our pruning services are a great way for us to regularly check the health of your tree and make sure it's growing properly.


We clean out old branches that are gathering places for insects. We thin out the crown to allow for better light. We trim lower branches for better clearance and interior branches for better structure.

The local pruning experts

We have been the local tree experts since 1986, specializing in native trees found in the Fort Wayne and New Haven area. Our arborist, owner Robin M. Patton, is certified by the ISA, certification number: IN3230A.


Much of our business is repeat business from customers who have been happy to have us back year after year.

We don't accept payment until you are fully satisfied with your service.


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