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Plant shade trees up to 8 inches in diameter

As your property changes, you may need to relocate trees or to plant new ones. Treescape can help you by relocating your trees, and making sure your new trees take root with our deep root fertilizer.

At Treescape, we specialize in planting larger and more mature trees. Don't settle for a small, store-bought sapling. Get instant shade and privacy for your home or business.

Tree relocating

Don't get rid of the tree you already have! We can safely relocate large trees from one place on your property to another.


Our certified arborist and his team have the large tree spades that you need to dig and to plant. We handle evergreens up to 20 feet tall.

Fertilization services

Your large trees will be pampered with our deep root fertilizer, which we inject into the ground under pressure directly into roots.


Having lush, healthy large trees over your porch or backyard makes a lovely complement to your already gorgeous property.

We have 3 decades of experience keeping your trees healthy.


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ISA Certified Arborist

Robin M. Patton

Certification #: IN3230A