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Experience the ongoing benefits of tree fertilization

Give your trees a treat that will revitalize and refresh even the most mature tree. Get professional fertilization for trees of any size, from the smallest saplings to the largest and most deeply rooted oaks.

Many people stop fertilizing their trees after they've grown to a certain size, thinking there's nothing more they can do. But, every tree can benefit from expert deep-root fertilizing from Treescape.

High-pressure fertilizing

At Treescape, our experienced arborist uses high pressure liquid injections to instantly and effectively infuse your large trees with nutrients.


We add essential minerals such as nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium into the soil where your tree's roots can quickly absorb them.


Total tree health

We have the equipment and the training to get you the results that you want. After a dry season or a tough winter, deep root fertilization is a great way to give your tree the nourishment it needs to maintain vigor.


We also offer tree pruning and tree planting.

We've been a Better Business Bureau

accredited business

since 1986.


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ISA Certified Arborist

Robin M. Patton

Certification #: IN3230A